Here’s a tribute to the MorrisLabbers who’ve sailed on to bigger and better things.  Gone but not forgotten!

Spiridon E. Papoulis (“Spiro”)

Spiro graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology and a minor in computer science. Spiro worked with Jeff from September of 2012 until May 2015 in the Lenski lab. He is currently finishing up a MorrisLab project implementing Black Queen gene loss in Avida, a computer platform for experimental evolution.

Spiro’s work has led him to become interested in evolution and how environments shape the evolutionary trajectory of organisms, and he is pursuing these ideas in graduate school at the University of Tennessee in Erik Zinser’s lab. When he is not working in the lab or studying, Spiro amuses himself with the outdoors, an occasional pint, and a do-it-yourself project every so often.

 Colleen Clark

Colleen Clark

Colleen worked in Morrislab from Fall 2014 through May 2015 exploring the evolution of antibiotic resistance in a Black Queen system. She is currently finishing up a project that asks how the presence of more than one species influences the outcome of Black Queen gene-loss evolution. Colleen graduated from Michigan State University in Spring 2015 and is pursuing a science career in the public sector.

  • Bobby Fillinger

  •  Lakshmi Subramani

Lakshmi Subramani

  • Katie McArdle

  • Virgil Shepard

Virgil Shepard

Charlie Keith

Charlie Keith