MORRISLAB is hiring!

Morrislab is looking for graduate students to start as early as Summer 2016.  This page reviews our current research foci, but we’re always open to new ideas for probing the ecology and evolution of photosynthetic microbes. At Morrislab, we value creativity and inquisitiveness, and people who enjoy “gee-whiz science” are always welcome.  Got a crazy idea?  If you can come up with an experiment to test it, let’s talk about it!

We are strongly committed to preparing students and postdocs for employment outside of academia, and all our employees will have opportunities for professional development including training in programming and data science, budget management, and active-learning teaching.

Birmingham, Alabama, is a vibrant city in the heart of the South. UAB occupies 90 blocks of the revitalized downtown area, with easy access to microbreweries, minor league baseball, world-class restaurants, and lots of nightlife. Minutes outside of town, you can hike in the mountains and old-growth forests, explore pristine waterways, or indulge your atavistic desire to hunt and fish. This ain’t the Alabama they show you on the TV!

Prospective applicants should send us a complete CV, and a letter of application. Information on graduate studies in biology at UAB can be found here.


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